plant-based, nutrient-rich for health & longevity

We are Earth-Committed. We prepare fresh foods daily and prescribe to a nutrient-rich, whole-food, plant-based diet.  We support the wellbeing of people, animals and planet, doing our part to provide healthy, eco-conscious delicious foods. Made fresh daily and with lots of heart.

You can take action today to turn your kitchen into a healthy one. These are simple antidotes to follow to start feeling an immediate improvement in your health and energy level. Making these few simple changes will start to raise your alkaline level and lower your acidic level AND help you with weight management.

Our 5 TOP TIPS from Grail Springs' bestselling book:

  1. Antidote for White Sugar – Exchange white sugar in your house for maple syrup. Substitute it in any recipe calling for sugar. Bonus: maple syrup is alkalizing.
  2. Antidote for White Salt – Exchange energy depleting white salt for pink Himalayan Salt. Bonus: contains no toxins and has 84 element found in your body.
  3. Antidote for White Flour – Exchange white flour for spelt flour or buckwheat flour. Bonus: superior fibre resource and protein.
  4. Antidote for White Rice – Exchange white rice for brown or wild rice. Bonus: excellent source of trace minerals which helps produce energy.
  5. Antidote for Dairy – Exchange white milk for oat milk, or hemp milk.
    Bonus: lactose and cholesterol-free, high in protein and omega fatty acids.

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