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  1. Transmuting Stress to a Life in Balance ~ with Jason Secord

    Transmuting Stress to a Life in Balance ~ with Jason Secord

    May 18th-19th

    From stress to relaxation, join us for a weekend of quiet and calm through the art of relaxation and meditation. Utilizing principles of meditation, you'll learn how to decompress and relax into mind and body, opening the opportunity to release stress.

  2. Power of the Heart

    Power of the Heart

    May 20th-25th

    An experience that will lead you to uncover and rediscover the innate power of the love within you which can heal, transform, bring goodness and success to every aspect of your life and the people you touch.

  3. Cultivating Inner Peace - with Sue Prentice

    Cultivating Inner Peace - with Sue Prentice

    May 25th-26th

    One of the highest expressions of love is compassion. When we cultivate compassion for ourselves and for all beings we liberate our hearts from the binds of expectation and criticism. We free ourselves into a life of harmony and open up to inner peace, love for self and for others.

  4. Follow Your Bliss

    Follow Your Bliss

    May 27th-Jun 1st

    Travel through an enlightening process of self-discovery and fulfillment. This special theme week is designed to remind you of what you were born to do, and reconnect with the true meaning of life, joy and happiness.