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  1. Follow Your Bliss

    Follow Your Bliss

    Feb 25th-Mar 2nd

    Travel through an enlightening process of self-discovery and fulfillment. This special theme week is designed to remind you of what you were born to do, and reconnect with the true meaning of life, joy and happiness.

  2. Teachings from Nature's Realm

    Teachings from Nature's Realm

    Mar 2nd-3rd

    Travel with Mary-Catherine Waymouth and Richard Capener through the passages of time as they share Ancient Teachings, insights, and group exercises. Rekindle your own reverent relationship with nature and begin to incorporate her wisdom back into your daily life for peace, balance and wellbeing.

  3. Fresh Start Week

    Fresh Start Week

    Mar 4th-9th

    Have you found yourself saying..."I really need a fresh start!"?  Well now is your chance to do just that when you attend this special week designed for those looking for that fresh start in life.

  4. Grounding to New Heights!

    Grounding to New Heights!

    Mar 9th-10th

    With Adele Stratton. Today's busy world of high technology and multi-tasking, offers a challenge to stay Grounded. Grounding is so much more than just planting your feet on the ground. Learn the most effective way of grounding yourself and powering up and never feel disconnected again.

  5. Blessed From Cell to Spirit

    Blessed From Cell to Spirit

    Mar 11th-16th

    6-day/5-night theme week focused on the 'whole person'. Feeling blessed is a state of mind and heart. Awaken yourself to a life of gratitude, love and fulfillment and know the effect this has on your physical health.