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Madeleine Marentette
03 Feb, 2016

"Be Fearless". You've more than likely come across this shout-out in social-media, commercials or on a t-shirt. Anyone who takes time to reflect on this will likely raise memories which reveal that anything that was worth achieving came with some initial discomfort. It rattled our nerves, or led us to even seemingly lose our mind temporarily. Maybe we fought for what we wanted or maybe we fled. Probably experienced all of the above at some point in our lives.

Madeleine Marentette
30 Jan, 2016

As we embrace the New Year, the shift in the cosmic play, trickles down and affects all of nature including us. This energy shift is marked by the winter solstice, a twenty-one day window that allows time and opportunity for us to adjust to the change; ten days prior to the solstice, the solstice day itself, and ten days following. By the time we exit this period January 1st, most individuals feel an urge to get moving. Even those who do not observe the solstices and equinoxes will express a feeling of renewed energy and motivation. 

Madeleine Marentette
29 Nov, 2015

Energy Medicine meets The Big Church ~ by Madeleine Marentette

Madeleine Marentette
27 Nov, 2015

How To Be E X P A N S I V E  AND  G R O U N D E D at the same time...when change is a-comin'

Madeleine Marentette
04 Apr, 2015

~ Madeleine Marentette for Just Breathe Magazine

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