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Blessed From Cell to Spirit

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Dates: Mar 11th to 16th  •  Apr 8th to 13th  •  May 13th to 18th  •  Jun 10th to 15th  •  Jul 8th to 13th  •  Aug 12th to 17th

"Those who make a conscious effort to wake up each day and give thanks for the people and experiences that have blessed their life, find themselves attracting a continual flow of even more profound experiences and individuals who only keep adding to their life. The Law of Attraction IS the most relevant and powerful law pertaining to the human-soul experience."  ~ Madeleine Marentette

A 6-day/5-night theme retreat week focused on the healing of the 'whole person' through the understanding of both Eastern and Western practices of holistic wellness systems. Learn and experience how the four bodies of Self; physical, mental, emotion and spiritual, respond in unison, from our cells to our spirit, from our thoughts and our feelings as well as our outside enviroment. Energies created by sound, colour, food, aroma, people, workplace, nature and so on, emit frequency which is perceived by our own energy field.

Learn how to read those energies, reduce stress, reactions, anxiety and balance yourself. Become more tuned-in to the inner worlds through peaceful meditation, music and light therapy. Immerse yourself in the sacred space of Grail Springs and recreate the expansive opportunity to live a fully connected, healthy, conscious and blessed-filled life. 

Take part in the following evening talks and workshops designed for this theme week:


  1. Welcome to Grail Springs

    Welcome to Grail Springs

    The 7 Key Essentials to Optimal Wellbeing

    A warm welcome greets you following your arrival and getting settled in. Join us after dinner in the beautiful Great Hall for an introduction to the Grail Springs 7 Key Essentials to Holistic Wellbeing. Let's set your goals and start your journey towards a healthy, happiness and longevity.

  2. Film Documentary Presentation

    Film Documentary Presentation

    The Secret: Revisiting the Law of Attraction

    This film explains with simplicity, the law that is governing all lives, and offers the knowledge of how to create the vision for your own life intentionally and effortlessly by being present and intentful in heart and mind.

  3. Before & After

    Before & After

    See your before and after photo of your vital-energy body!

    Any guest who is staying 5-nights or more will receive a personal consultation upon arrival and also at departure with one of our wellness coaches. We'll take a snapshot of your bio-energy, give feedback and recommendations to improve your core energy, the necessary foundation for healthy cells, mind, and spirit!

  4. Let Your Body Be Your Guide

    Let Your Body Be Your Guide

    How to Listen to Your Body

    The focus of this evening is gaining deeper connection to the powerful wisdom of your body as we explore its unique systems. Our body is in constant communication with us and a source of great wisdom.. It provides some of the best guidance for us and our lives. The more we learn the language of the body the more we can use its guidance effectively.

  5. Creative Ripples

    Creative Ripples

    An Expressive Arts Experience on Life

    Through meaningful reflection we embark on a discussion which enlists intuition and imagination. Opening the door to Self through creative journaling and imagery can provide lasting shifts in our awareness as well as those things we wish to see changed in our life. Like ripples on water, this exploration will promote depth and breadth, supporting your retreat experience.

  6. Silent Meditation Practice

    Silent Meditation Practice

    Contemplative Meditation Exercise

    Each Wednesday afternoon, whether enjoying a spa therapy, walking our sacred Labyrinth or canoeing on the lake, we encourage participants to take this time to practice an hour or two of silence. Through self-observation we build a greater awareness of the connection between our thoughts and feelings. We can gain clarity, peace of mind and intuitive perceptiveness.

  7. The Art of Receptivity

    The Art of Receptivity

    Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Journey

    Following dinner meet in the beautiful Great Hall for a relaxation meditation utilizing the healing sounds of crystal bowls. Close your eyes and be receptive to their sound frequencies which can attune your own bodies vital-energy centres. Feel their balancing effect as well on your heart centre and mind, and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

  8. Your Health from Cell to Spirit

    Your Health from Cell to Spirit

    And Why it Matters - Retreat Conclusion

    Learn about the science behind your vital-energy field any why it matters that we understand the connectedness of our cells to our spirit. Take home tools and ways to keep your vital energy body charged, happy and healthy!

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Dates: Mar 11th to 16th  •  Apr 8th to 13th  •  May 13th to 18th  •  Jun 10th to 15th  •  Jul 8th to 13th  •  Aug 12th to 17th