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Grail Springs Holistic Detox For Body, Mind & Spirit ~ by Madeleine Marentette

Beautiful book with inspirational story about a journey to wellness. Includes tips, antidotes, meditation practices, recipes and more.


This holistic DETOX GUIDE is full of great advice and antidotes about how to detox your body, mind, and soul using the best recipes and life lessons from it's founder Madeleine Marentette. Now you too can learn easy methods of keeping yourself in check with the transformational '7 Essential Elements' of the Grail Life Plan that has responsible for Grail's huge success.
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Recipes for Life: Beautiful Food and Words to Live By

Recipes for Life is not only a compilation of delicious vegetarian recipes from chefs and other food lovers sharing their secrets, but a unique journal with over 100 colourful photos of food and memorable moments. 



Founder and author Madeleine Marentette speaks to the mission of Grail Springs, Canada's leading health and wellness destination, and its continued dedication to serve people, animals and planet. With stunning photos set as backdrops to words of wisdom from transformational teachers within its community, you will not only enjoy your time in the kitchen reconnecting with the beauty and the life-giving energy of food, but will ponder on life-lessons and the caring people who have touched the life of our visiting guests. Life can be beautiful. This book demonstrates the beauty that we try to create every day at Grail Springs and for years to come. 
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