Tips for Detoxing from a Hangover

Well someone just had to ask! So we had to go find out. And here is what our experts are saying…

Number one tip before you even start drinking:

Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water the day of the big night. It helps to be fully hydrated. Absolutely eat a meal high in alkaline. Alcohol is highly acidic. Take some supplement life B-complex and Vitamin C to help break down the alcohol in the body.

Number two tip while you are drinking:

Consume glass of water after each alcoholic beverage. Avoid bubbly drinks like champagne or soda. Carbonated drinks speed up alcohol absorption. And btw – women’s bodies are less able to break down alcohol then men.  Finally, drink a large glass of water before going to bed and add a squeeze of lemon to reduce the acidity.

Number three tip the morning after:

Drink lots of water with lemon and eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can as they help to eliminate the alcohol in the body.  Take lots of vitamins. Avoid tea or coffee as these will dehydrate, the opposite of what we want. Eat a healthy breakfast first thing like some muesli topped with yogurt, a sliced banana and some honey. For lunch and dinner it would be recommended to make some brown rice and continue to eat lots of greens, vegetables and nuts throughout your day. And when you are feeling up to it, get those sneakers on and go for a nice long walk in the park. Breathe deep to purge those toxins out.  End the day with relaxing warm bath in Himalayan Salts.

Cheers! Hey – it happens. And of course it goes without saying you arrange for a designated driver beforehand!

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