Grail Giving Back

List of organizations and campaigns that Grail Springs has supported within our local community, nationally and internationally. See below how you too can get help through donations and petitions.



  • - Australia - Wildlife Emergency Response Fund
  • World Central Kitchen - Bahama Food Relief 
  • COREResponse - Bahama Responders
  • Voiceless Dogs of Nassau - Bahama Rescue 
  • Soi Dog Foundation - Rescuing dogs from illegal meat trade Asia - monthly supporter
  • PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Vanguard Member - Animal Testing Ban & Rescue, Primate Testing Ban & Rescue, Adopt Don't Buy Campaign
  • Abadiania, Brazil - Street Dog Rescue
  • Hope For Paws - Street rescue for dogs, California
  • ARK - Advancement for Rural Kids 2015 - Gift from Grail Springs funded a full year of nutritious lunches (30,000 lunches) for a whole school or 150 kids.
  • Spirits of the Earth SEVA - $3000 to $5000 raised annually by our Peru travellers. Items are purchased from local vendors in Cuzco and given to chosen Andean Mountain village in need; blankets, food, school supplies, backpacks, corn seeds, agricultural equipment, hygeine products and dog food. We've hired doctors, dentists and electrians to provide educational talks on birth control, oral hygience and how to work with electricity safely. Assisted animal shelter and two families to rebuild their homes after devastating floods in Sacred Valley 2011.
  • Humane Society International – Puppy Mill Rescue and Prosecution, Protect the Tiger Fund
  • World Wildlife Fund – Illegal Poaching Ban, Polar Bear Fund
  • World Animal Protection
  • WSPA - World Society for the Protection of Animals
  • KSTR Sanctuary for monkeys electricuted by hydro lines, Costa Rica
  • Farm Forward - Factory Farming Campaign
  • Avaaz Foundation – World’s Most Urgent Human Rights Campaigns
  • Ve'ahavta for Haiti Relief
  • Dalai Lama Centre for Ethics & Transformative Values
  • Earth Justice Foundation – Preserving Natural Heritage
  • National Resources Defence Council - Polar Bear Protection
  • Greenpeace – Japanese Whaling Ban
  • Sea Shepherd - Fight against illegal Japanese Whaling 
  • Jane Goodall Foundation
  • International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • The Pachamam Alliance ~ Awaken the Dreamer Symposium
  • United Nations Millennium Awards Project
  • Greenland Fire and Ice Project


  • HART Highland Animal Relief Team  - founded by Madeleine Marentette
  • Home Again Animal Rescue
  • Toronto Humane Society
  • Heritage Train Station Restoration Fund
  • North Hastings High School Equipment Fund
  • North Hastings Community Trust
  • Bancroft Art Gallery
  • Run for the Cure
  • Community Cupboard Food Bank

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