A Meditation on Change

27 Nov 2015

How To Be E X P A N S I V E  AND  G R O U N D E D at the same time...when change is a-comin'

We sometimes hike a forest trail to seek re-connection and grounding; a go-to-place for answers and inspirations. These living, breathing hallways guide us through its teeming underworld of activity, teachings and healing properties. Applying this eco-system as a symbol to our own life, provides insight on the benefits of maintaining a grounded yet expansive perspective on life no matter what is going on around us.

Each layer is a complexity of relationships, interactions, experiences and lessons. Uniquely in humans we can seat ourselves on any branch and view life from any perspective in order to relate to another. We are able to look inward, upward, downward, mirror each other, look to the past, present, future, or view the big picture from above when we need to. 

We are an entire eco-system of moving-consciousness.

We can reach down to lend a hand-up when we see someone stuck in the 'understory', or be a pillar of strength and encouragement underneath a friend's emerging success. We can be one with a group or stand alone. We can reach down and remind ourselves of our root values when making hard decisions. Every layer has its time and place and brings unique growth and awareness. Recycling through these layers keeps things in perspective and reminds us that LIFE is ever-changing and evolving for everyone and everything. Our task is to learn to adapt to change by standing steady and being open. This takes practice.

Keeping the heart and mind open to new possibilities while staying grounded in our values is a choice and an acquired state of mind.

Every forest depends greatly on strong winds to blow through its understory to sweep out the decay and stagnant energy. New life is revealed and potential is born. If we are willing to bend, even just a little, like the trees giving way to the will of the wind, it can eliminate chronic exhaustion caused by resistance, and heal one's anxiety caused by the need to control. When we trust and allow ourselves to be in the flow, a greater Presence can move through our life (which often has a much better idea in mind for us than we do anyway).

When you feel like life is pushing just a little too hard, remember change is a continuum. Try going with the flow for a change. (No pun intended.) Stay grounded in your root values and trust that something new and glorious is emerging. These are the sweet moments in life. When the winds die down, roll up your sleeves, dig down deep into the dirt, and discover what new and beautiful thing is wanting to emerge into the light and into your life.

~ Madeleine Marentette 

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