7 Steps to Creating Happy Home Happy Life!

04 Apr 2015

~ Madeleine Marentette for Just Breathe Magazine

Author & Founder of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing

Sometimes in our life an unexpected few words of wisdom, either spoken from stranger, a song playing on the radio, or words which leap from a page, will catch our attention and change the course of our life. The coincidence can take our breath away; we pause, we understand their meaning, and then wonder if there is even a little magic at hand. It was over a decade ago when I heard a few words that stopped me in my tracks and started me on a year-long mission and changed my life forever. It went like this…

“A happy life is when you wake up in the morning ~ and you can’t wait to get to work. And at the end of the day ~ you can’t wait to get home.”

These words pierced me, body, mind and soul. It was clear that it was time to purge my home of the past and bring in a new energy of love, health and happiness.  As spring was approaching it was the perfect time to take on this project like a good body detox cleanse, beginning from the inside out!

As a graduate of design school I understood the basics of good design and the ingredients needed to create beautiful spaces that nurture the human spirit; colour, texture, lighting, balance and proportion. I sat quietly and meditated in each room. I made a list of what needed to change; styles I had outgrown and items that made me sad. I began sorting, tossing, boxing, storing and donating. Next, I did a deep clean; inside drawers, shelves, cupboards, closets and windows. Fresh paint and wallpaper soon followed.

I began to fall in love with my home again. I felt uplifted and inspired in every way. I shifted furniture and paintings, dug out my old music, lit candles, brought in aromatherapy and fresh cut flowers, took down drapes and let the sun shine in. When spring arrived I went through the same process with the deck, porch, lawn, garden and I even beautified my dock. I could feel a renewed sense of joy spilling in.  It was therapeutic and transformative both on the inside and the outside. A life of renewed relationships, inspirations and joy began to emerge.

Today, when I wake up in the morning, I can’t wait to get to work, and at the end of my day I can’t wait to get home! If these words resonate with you at this time in your life but you find yourself at a crossroads, here are seven simple steps to get started and bring the happy back into your home and into your life! A happy home is the foundation of your family’s wellbeing; body, mind and spirit. You will soon find your career, business, and even friends will have to live up to the new ‘happy’ you’ve manifested.

Start Today Creating Your ‘Happy Home Happy Life’ with this 7 Step Plan:

  1. Create a checklist with two columns and the name of a room at the top. Label one column ‘happy’ and the other ‘not so much’. Sit quietly in each room and jot down what in the room makes you happy, and all that does not. Think organization, colour, lighting, texture, style, artwork, photos, inspiration, function and flow. Do this for as many rooms as you like.

  2. Then dedicate a few hours each weekend and purge one room at a time; sort, toss, box, store, donate.

  3. Freshen up the room with a good deep clean remember to use all natural products. No chemicals!

  4. Smudge the spaces with sage if you are so inclined. Aromatherapy can clear a room as well and bring in new energy. Try Rosemary for cleansing and Lavender afterwards for calm.

  5. Once the above is completed, create a new checklist now but with only one column entitled ‘happy’. Sit quietly in each room that has been purged and cleansed. Tap in to your heart centre and feel what would be needed in the room to make you happy? Again, think colour, lighting, texture, style, artwork, inspirations, function and flow.

  6. Cut out photos from magazines or visit popular sites for design ideas such as www.houzz.com. You’ll begin to see a pattern of common design elements that make you happy. Create a design palette with photos, colours, textures, artwork and lighting elements.

  7. Paint and/or wallpaper one room at a time according to your palette. Change the furniture around, mix up the artwork, light candles, play music and don’t forget there’s no need to wait for someone else to bring you flowers! Loving ourselves, loving life, and being committed to self-care is good for your entire family. 

Once your ‘Happy Standard’ has been reset, you will be able to intuit the steps and the processes for re-creating change in your life when needed. And don’t forget; keep your eyes and ears open for clues; signs of confirmation and direction. A happy person also still believes in magic!  

Madeleine Marentette is a bestselling author and founder of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing in Canada. If you liked this article check out the 5-night retreat called ‘The Happy Retreat’ which runs once a month. 

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