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Power of the Heart

Included with all retreat packages

Dates: Jan 21st to 26th  •  Feb 18th to 23rd  •  Mar 18th to 23rd  •  Apr 15th to 20th  •  May 20th to 25th  •  Jun 17th to 22nd  •  Jul 15th to 20th  •  Aug 19th to 24th

“Those who know unconditional love, knows its power to forgive and to heal anything,
and to enjoy life to its fullest!” ~ Madeleine Marentette

While enjoying daily yoga, meditation, hiking and spa treatments, these evening talks will take us on a journey through our human conditioning, and our return to our innate state of natural love for life. We find our way back to our centre through understanding the new research and findings between the relationship of thought and feelings.

We will travel through past, present and future, remember the power of forgiveness and open ourselves up to new realizations, healing and new possibilities. The experience of being alive, enveloped in the essence of love, given from the outside in or from the inside out, is our first encounter with the greatest gift we possess. This irreplaceable attribute assures us a place of rest, peace and health. It is the source of our infinite imagination, dreams, passions and destiny. It is the catalyst to creating beauty and peace in our lives and in our world.

You are invited to take part in evening talks and workshops designed for this theme week:

  1. Welcome to Grail Springs

    Welcome to Grail Springs

    The 7 Key Essentials to Optimal Wellbeing

    A warm welcome greets you following your arrival and getting settled in. Join us after dinner in the beautiful Great Hall for an introduction to the Grail Springs 7 Key Essentials to Holistic Wellbeing. Let's set your goals and start your journey towards a healthy, happiness and longevity.

  2. The Power of the Heart

    The Power of the Heart

    Film Presentation

    Each evening at 8:45pm following the guest presentation, participants are invited to watch a special film documentary specifically related to the week’s theme. The Power of the Heart is an unparalleled and life-changing film that presents evidence that your heart is much more than a physical organ but a guiding light to love, peace and your intended destiny.

  3. Before & After

    Before & After

    See your before and after photo of your vital-energy body!

    Any guest who is staying 5-nights or more will receive a personal consultation upon arrival and also at departure with one of our wellness coaches. We'll take a snapshot of your bio-energy, give feedback and recommendations to improve your core energy, the necessary foundation for healthy cells, mind, and spirit!

  4. Heart Healthy Eating & Living

    Heart Healthy Eating & Living

    Our heart health is dependent on our physical, mental and emotional sates. of being. Through a holistic approach we can ensure the best results by knowing how to nourish our hear with the right foods, habits, thoughts and emotions.

  5. Creative Ripples

    Creative Ripples

    An Expressive Arts Experience on Life

    Through meaningful reflection we embark on a discussion which enlists intuition and imagination. Opening the door to Self through creative journaling and imagery can provide lasting shifts in our awareness as well as those things we wish to see changed in our life. Like ripples on water, this exploration will promote depth and breadth, supporting your retreat experience.

  6. The Sacred Walk - Your Path to Freedom

    The Sacred Walk - Your Path to Freedom

    Silent Meditation Walk

    Wednesday afternoon you'll have the opportunity to practice silent meditation. Whether walking the trails, labyrinth or enjoying therapies, you'll contemplate the act of unconditional love. If you are ready to unlock the heart, embrace this time as an exercise in self-discovery which guests find immensely revealing as a profound experience.

  7. Your Spiritual Heart Chakra

    Your Spiritual Heart Chakra

    Crystal Bowl Sound Journey

    This evening focuses on developing a connection with your spiritual heart chakra. Travel on a sound meditation journey in the comfort of the beautiful Great Hall, to reveal what is at the centre of your heart and how to cultivate deep love everyday of your life.

  8. Loving Kindness Practice

    Loving Kindness Practice

    Retreat Conclusion

    Loving Kindness is Buddhist meditation which is practiced world-wide and produces four qualities of love; friendship, compassion, appreciative-joy, and equanimity. Thursday evening will be an opportunity to discuss all of your discoveries and realizations, as well as experience the beautiful meditation of Loving Kindness.

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Dates: Jan 21st to 26th  •  Feb 18th to 23rd  •  Mar 18th to 23rd  •  Apr 15th to 20th  •  May 20th to 25th  •  Jun 17th to 22nd  •  Jul 15th to 20th  •  Aug 19th to 24th