Tracey Trottenberg

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Founder of Amazing Women 


If you’ve ever seen Tracey Trottenberg speak from a stage, you know what effective communication, delivered from a place of authentic feminine power, looks and sounds like.

With twenty years experience in the corporate arena and as an entrepreneur, Tracey has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of individuals from government officials, top CEOs and their teams, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.  She specializes in guiding women in business to access the source of their true feminine power, passion and purpose; to share their message and establish their presence from any platform - whether in a boardroom, out networking, dealing with their staff or speaking from the main stage – in a way that demonstrates their leadership and preserves their femininity. She has dedicated her life to helping women find their “Feminine Leadership Sweetspot™”, a model she teaches women as a speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach.

The style of self-expression and leadership Tracey teaches causes immediate transformation. Her message generates trust, participation and moves her audiences into focused action. From international boardrooms to main stages including Internet World, Digital Hollywood, CDMA, Peak Potentials "Train the Trainer II" and others, Tracey is the host of “Expose Yourself: How to Lead and Stay Feminine” on the WIN, creator of "Own, Honor & Unleash" Live Events and author of the upcoming book: “The Strength of Feminine Leadership: Seven Strategies for Success”. Originally from Montreal, Tracey now lives in Los Angeles.

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